Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Love Thy Neighbor

Yesterday we painted Valentines to give our neighbors.

Today I cut from fabric "string of hearts" - think paper dolls. Two yards of fabric made over 15 strings ($1/yd @ WalMart).
Destructo was interested only in the clothes pins. He was a loader and a rocket launcher. Here is the delivery crew: JI (aka Destructo) & neighbor, Zoe. They are wishing you a
"Happy Valentine's Day!"

Funny story: Last night John and I went on a date (Mom was here - last free night of babysitting). Before we went out to eat, I asked him to stop at my friend's house. Her van was gone so my adrenaline started pumping. It was as if I were in high school again, pulling pranks.

Once at her front door, the two indoor dogs were yapping wildly. I thought, "If someone is home, they know I'm at the front door. I'm going to be busted soon!" No one came while I was taping the hearts to her door.

Fast forward a few hours. I was dying to know if they knew it was me; since we weren't paying a sitter we could stay out as late as we wanted! yahoo! John and I pulled up and invited ourselves inside.

Here's how the story transpired on their end:

The wife was inside (changing a diaper!) while I was at the door. She heard the dogs but thought, "I don't hear anyone knocking." The husband came home minutes later. He saw the V-day decorations and assumed that his wife had farmed out the children and was expecting a V-day rendezvous...complete with a rose petal trail to their bedroom.

Rude awakening. Once inside, he heard babies crying and his bride was clueless about the hearts on the door.

We all had a good laugh.

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gina reinecke said...

I loved the pictures, and I think you've done a really great job on the valentines. I am not sure if you're planning on more - let me know if you need some help. Gina.


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