Thursday, April 10, 2008

100th Post: 100 Things About Me

A month or so ago, I read where it's tradition on your 100th post to write a list of 100 things about yourself. This exercise was much harder than I thought - but here's a list of things about me (if you care to know more.)

1. born in KY
2. never been to the KY Derby but love having Derby parties
3. grew up on a farm
4. we raised a bit of everything at one time or another: cows, hay, tobacco, acres of green peppers, strawberries, sweet potatoes
5. we had a persimmon tree
6. learned to drive a stick shift on the farm
7. I've used a chain saw, weed eater, bush hog and log splitter
8. never broken a bone
9. had lasik surgery in 1998
10. rode a lawn mower in my swimsuit (to get a tan) when I lived at home
11. I have an older brother (6 years older)
12. I'm a big sister (she's 2 years younger)
13. I have 7 nieces/nephews
14. everyone says I look like my dad
15. was a field commander/ drum major in high school
16. met Hubby in college.
17. We went to different schools (mine was better)
18. we met in Nashville, TN
19. at an engineering student counsel leadership retreat
20. my degree is in Agricultural Engineering
21. I was involved with the Society of Women Engineers
22. I have a minor in music performance
23. Clarinet is my instrument of choice
24. he proposed 3.5 years later (in Nashville)
25. we've been married since September, 1999
26. married a godly man.
27. someone gave us two goldfish as a wedding gift (they didn't live long)
28. we married in a barn
29. my brother flew the plane that landed in the field next to the barn where I said, "I do."
30. we square danced at the reception
31. began to understand more about the Holy Spirit when in college
32. that knowledge rocked my world and made me a passionate follower of Jesus.
33. went on a mission trip to South Africa & Zimbabwe in Jan., 1999
34. joined staff with Campus Crusade for Christ in the summer of 1999
35. lived in Ft. Collins, CO for 8 weeks. It was grand.
36. Lived in Santa Cruz, CA for 8 weeks in 2000. Interesting city.
37. bought first house in Arkansas in Dec., 2000 (we started working with FamilyLife)
38. had first miscarriage in Dec., 2001 at 13 weeks
39. I like to cook and read recipes
40. Exaggeration comes quite naturally to me.
41. I take a multi-vitamin everyday
42. My mother gave me the love of plants and flowers
43. I've been to Haiti, Germany (twice), Czech Republic, France, England, Austria, Israel, Jordan, Egypt, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Caribbean Islands
44. I'd like to go back to Israel
45. I don't care to ever go to New York City
46. I have had a membership to LA Fitness, Phoenix Zoo, Desert Botanical Gardens, McCormick Train Park to keep my sanity. Except for the gym all were gifts to our family.
47. I have serious cravings for sweets about 2pm everyday
48. I really enjoy the taste of chocolate
49. I've really tried to like seafood - but I just don't like it.
50. Camping is fun in AZ (no mosquitoes!)
51. Snakes make my skin crawl...I really despise them
52. I don't shower everyday
53. I enjoy swimming in a pool but am frightened to swim in lakes, rivers, or ponds
54. I can read fast and skim most things
55. LOVE the public library - it's my favorite use of city/state tax funds
56. biographies and autobiographies are my favorite genre
57. I can fold my tongue (point the tip toward toward tonsils.)
58. I'd rather email you than talk on the phone
59. My nose smells everything
60. I don't like perfume...on anyone.
61. I'm a major bargain hunter and buy most things only on sale
62. drive The Major Momma Mobile - a '94 Volvo station wagon Honda mini-van
63. started adoption process in Oct. 2003 matched with Roman, a Russian infant
64. positive pregnancy test in Jan 2004
65. adoption agency wouldn't let us continue adoption since I was pregnant.
66. John Isaac
"Mr. Intensity" was born Sept 04 - 9lbs 7oz. O-U-C-H
67. I *try* to read the Bible everyday.
68. this year I'm on the read-thru-the Bible in a year plan.
69. the English Standard Version is my preferred translation
70. sunburns make me feel stupid
71. I love Arbonne's chap stick, it's amazing. Try it, you'll never go back to what you're using now.
72. we don't eat much red meat (Hubby was a butcher thru college)
73. for 17 yrs I've had a funky fungus under my big toe nail
74. my fingernails are hard as rocks. Hate me.
75. I'm usually cold
76. but I'm really cranky when I'm hot
77. morning brew: a cup of decaf french pressed with half and half
78. We've owned two homes in AZ
79. trying to sell one now sold! February 2009
80. to move back to Little Rock, Arkansas (FamilyLife's HQ is there)
81. except for our house we're debt free!
82. my best girlfriend lives lived one mile south of me in Phoenix
83. I don't have many friends in PHX but they are all dear ones.
84. my hair guy cuts my hair for free
85. second miscarriage Dec 2006
86. I still hand write letters and put stamps on envelopes
87. trips to the USPS are my least favorite errands
88. Maria Montessori has changed my attitude toward my son (for the better! :)
89. Charlotte Mason has also been a huge educational influence
91. the FlyLady totally changed the way I do house work. Read her book; the website is overwhelming.
92. Our home is "blessed" every Monday (cleaned by me)
93. we'd still like to adopt
94. I want to be pregnant  UPDATE:: YAY! positive test Sept 2009!!
95. I've recorded my waking temperatures for 10 cycles - very interesting.
96. I want to have a daughter   UPDATE: It's a girl!
97. My husband is my best friend.
98. My latest "kick" is sewing
99. I'd rather start something than finish it


Shannon said...

I love your list! It is incredibly touching! I can not believe you were unable to adopt because you were pregnant. I am so offended by what that implies. We went through the temp taking too! My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Julie said...

the agency wouldn't let us continue with the adoption b.c the laws in Russia were quite "squishy." Meaning - it would depend upon the whim of the judge that we stood before...whether or not they thought it was a good idea for a pregnant woman to adopt an infant. The laws may be more concrete now. But from what I understand from other friends who are adopting internationally, it is getting harder to adopt. We highly recommend the agency we were using. The director of the agency is/was Russian (knows the language/culture) is now married to an American and her mother still lives there.

My Boys' Teacher said...

I wonder how many Montessori Mom Bloggers are also Flybabies? I'm one too. I agree, read the BOOK.


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