Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Travel with Babies, Toddlers or Preschoolers

My friend, Rachael, emailed some great links for sanity keeping while traveling with children. In a few weeks, Mr. Intensity and I are flying to Orlando. We'll meet Daddy there so I get the joy of entertaining on the plane. Rachael is also equipping herself for a cross-country flight; her's is a more daunting task - 3 children all under 2.

Baby Travel Toys

Car Travel Activities for Babies--some may work for planes too

Ten Great Travel Toys You Already Own or Preschool Travel Toys

Ten Tips for Keeping a Toddler Busy on a Plane

Car Travel Activities for Toddlers--some may work for planes too

Flying with Kids--just tips, not ideas to entertain

Preparing Toddlers for Air Travel--just tips, not ideas to entertain

Queasy Pops to eliminate Motion Sickness. Someone gave me a pack when I was pregnant.

The Mystery Bag

Other things that have worked for us in the past:

Wrap books (from home) in tissue paper. The unwrapping buys you a few minutes and it's fun to watch baby discover the contents. Or with older kids, it builds excitement.

Aluminum foil is another fun "treat" to watch small children discover then crumple. I would take a few sheets inside a book I'm reading (or trying!)

Car games - the list I put together for a friend.

A word about "barf bag puppets" - Rachael's father-in-law is a retired Delta pilot. Her husband, Chris, was not allowed to play with the barf bags because they're treated with chemicals to mask the smell. Who wants more chemicals? Better to bring your own brown paper lunch sack--it won't take up much room--and they can color on them to make the faces.

Here's to fun travel! What ideas have worked for you?

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Anonymous said...

Ooohhh. I will definitely use these for the forever long flight coming up in September. Praise God we only have to do it once!


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