Thursday, May 1, 2008

Car Games

Some friends of ours are moving to West Point, New York next week. They have four children under 5 years old. As a going away gift, I put together a bag of "fun things to do in the car." After all, they're planning to take at least ten days to drive across the country. Sounds like torture to me. They really need a big dose of fun.

One of the car games was a box of 40 envelopes. It's called, "The Never Ending Car Game." Inside each envelope is something to do like:
  • Who can twist their tongue?
  • Who can wiggle their ears?
  • How many times can you rhyme with the word "sat"?
  • Sing “Row Row, Row your Boat.” Can you sing it in rounds?
  • How long can you hold your breath?

If you'd like to see or use the complete list, go here.

1 comment:

mbl said...

That's such a cute idea. And I love the Expressions of Mr. Intensity. The knife at the birds---haaa. That's so funny. Wouldn't you love to be in his brain for about 10 minutes? Congratulations to John on completion of his studies!! That's a great accomplishment. Is it weird to think about moving back to LR? like things might not be the same? We don't know where we'll end up in 2010, but if it's LR I get nervous. You'll have to keep me posted on how it goes. mbl


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