Wednesday, February 13, 2008

P is for Park

At the park today with friends we discussed Raising Your Children for Christ. The kids played on the playground while the mommas basked in the 78* sun (aren't ya jealous!?)

As moms do, we were standing around in a circle wrapping up our conversations. My little man busts over and whips out his BOY PARTS.

My friend, who just gave birth to her second daughter, jumped with fright. I know she's seen boy parts before - how else would she have two children?!

Well, my Lil Mister commences to pee. Right there in the park. Right in front of all us girls! He was so proud.

We moms couldn't stop laughing. I mean belly laughing. The kind of laugh that gives you tears. It was hilarious. Wish you could have been there. Then again, maybe you're glad you weren't. You wouldn't have pee on your bare foot (the reason my friend jumped.)

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