Thursday, March 20, 2008

Faith & Family

This list of family friendly faith books was posted on my old blog. A college friend emailed me about it this morning so thought I'd post it here, too.

The young parents at my church are discussing Teach them Diligently during Sunday school.

Big Truths for Little Kids is the "questions" book that teaches the catechism (questions) with a story throughout the book. John and John Isaac use this book in the morning during breakfast.

We use some kind of story book Bible like The Big Picture Story Bible or this one or The Jesus Storybook Bible (for kids old enough to read), or sometimes we read The Beginners Bible before rest times.

The Family Worship Book: A Resource for Family Devotions, is just what the title implies. There are a lot of tools in this book. Catechism, hymns, psalms, along with a sample of the author's family worship. The back of the book says: "...a book that will give you the impetus to start and the mans to follow through....answering 4 questions: What is Family Worship? What have other people done? Why should I do it? How can I start?"

Faith Training - Raising Kids Who Love the Lord. The author teaches you how to consistently plant in your children's lives the disciplines of daily devotions, Scripture memorization and prayer. This is the book that John mentioned that has the list of 365 ways to say, "I love you" to your children.

If you have a resouce that you love - please share!

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