Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hammer & Nails

My sister-in-law emailed this idea of hammering golf tees into clay. My reply: Why use golf tees when you have the real thing? :)

It just so happened that before I received her email, I had been working on a project. Destructo heard the music in his ears, followed the sound to the patio and prounounced he wanted to "bam some nails, too." So he went to get his nesting hammer (from the Michael Olaf catalog - a Christmas present from grandparents.) Perfect for little hands. Daddy started the nails for him and then let him "bam" away! But, sometimes a man needs a man hammer. However, even though hammering into wood is great fun hammering a nail into a card board box brings greater satisfaction. He is able to set his own nails. He LOVES to hammer into a box. Don't ya just love the intensity in his expression?

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