Monday, March 24, 2008

K is for...

It's K Week - and most of these ideas came from Starry Sky Ranch.

JI played for a long time with the keys/locks (and I *thought* that maybe he would really enjoy this.) First I presented the locks and talked about how we need keys to unlock them. Each lock was a bit different so he enjoyed a good 10 minutes of concentration with the 5 locks. You may ask, "why does one family own so many pad locks?" We live in urban Phoenix. *side note* last night we were finishing dinner with neighbors and heard loud, angry screaming. John went to see what was wrong and two doors down had been robbed. The robber was seen fleeing with a pillowcase on his back. This is at least the 3rd break-in this week in our complex.

After he mastered unlocking all the locks, I showed him how to pull the keys out of the locks. Then I separated the keys from the locks and asked if he could find the proper key to unlock eack lock. He did it. :)

Then, I showed him the piece of paper that I'd traced each key. His task was to place the key on the right outline. I thought he'd breeze right through this task until I realized that it was a 3-D puzzle. When the keys were flipped over it posed a bit of complexity to the task. He persevered and accomplished the task. It was really hard not to correct him...during this activity!

The below idea came from Chasing Cheerios. Her daughter is much younger than my lil man, so I was unsure if he'd enjoy this game on the door knob (silent K). As with most things I plan, he enjoyed the first round and refused to do it anymore.

The highlight of the day has been flying a Kite with dad. One of the benefits of dad working from home for this season has been enjoying lunches together.


The Nester said...

you are the best mom in the universe. will you be my mom please?

The Eberle Family said...

You are SO good! I think you have found your calling.

So glad when I won't read about break-ins, police chases, car theft anymore--I know you'll be glad when you aren't around it either. I pray for your safety daily!!


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