Monday, March 17, 2008

Mast or Missile?

Here are pictures to help stimulate your imagination of ships and missiles as mentioned in the previous post. I could hear him talking about ships in the water, so I asked if the toothpick was a mast. As if exasperated he replied, "No, it's a missile, Mom." Duh. What was I thinking?

I promise you, I do not teach Destructo to think on destructive things. He does it of his own free will.

I had no idea that this bottle of toothpicks would be so much fun. It's days like this that I wonder: why do I even plan projects for him? He has such a vivid imagination.
Note: While I was distracted in the kitchen to take a picture of the toothpicks...somehow he found last week's tempera painting to use as a ship. Once wet, he smeared the paint on the towel. "Look at the colors, Mom!" I tried to fake my excitement with his discovery. RRrrrgh. Thankfully it washed clean.

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