Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Whitney

My sister (right) turned 30 in February. It was a major bummer not to get to celebrate with her; she lives in KY. I celebrated this milestone by writing a list of 30 things I like about her. By no means is it comprehensive or in any particular order. She'll probably kill me for this picture; neither of us had showers that day. I cheated by putting on lipstick before the flash. She's really quite trendy and cute.

Thirty Things I Love About My Lil Sister
she loves Jesus
wise with her money, saves pennies like crazy
3 great kids
invests in her children by staying home (instead of making money!)
tries new recipes then sends them to me
genuine, doesn't try to be or feel someone she’s not
does what's right, no matter how wrong (or uncomfortable) it feels
likes to laugh
loves her parents
encourages me
calls Glenn (our brother) and tries to have a relationship with him
organized woman who keeps her house clean
watched JI for us when we went to Europe
loves baseball, tractors & baby Alive
visits me in AZ and AR
sends pictures of my nieces and nephew (if the batteries are charged and when finally downloaded to her computer! :)
generous to give us bags of PJs
wears cute & trendy clothes
knows her children, their personality, likes and dislikes
keeps a fit body - her persistence in exercise is motivating and encouraging to me
conflict resolver. Things don’t stew or fester with her. Let's talk about it!
a loyal friend
a good cook
sends me good kid craft ideas and websites
edify and stands by her man
lets me sleep on her couch (instead of making me go to a hotel, justifying it by saying her house is too small. It's not by the way.)
great doctor! Thanks for letting me ask "sick" advice; I'm thankful I don't know as much about this as you.
card carrying member of the 30+ club!

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