Sunday, March 30, 2008

Salt Dough

As an extention of the pink tower, and working with the language of biggest to smallest, I used my biscuit cutters to make circles of various sizes of salt dough. While at it, we also used other shapes for shape recongition.The metal spatual helped to keep the shape when transfering from counter to cookie sheet.
Mr. Intensity enjoyed the morning. He's "bamming" the dough below.

Final product below. Recipe for Salt Dough
1 c salt
3 c flour
1 c water
2 t oil
Bake at 250* for an hour or so (depends on thickness)
When we made them last week, I baked it at 350*. They came out of the oven puffy and didn't hold their shape well. Definitely bake at lower temps.

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Montessori Mama said...

Julie, I really LOVE this! Thank you for your humor and great ideas! I posted for you tonight, give it a read when time allows.


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