Friday, March 21, 2008

Sewing Aprons

After breaking consecutive two needles on my sewing machine my supply was depleted. When I went to purchase more at a discount fabric store the sales lady informed me they didn't carry needles. We started chatting and she diagnosed my problem. My machine needed servicing to get the "timing" right - just like you have maintenance done on a car.

I came home and let my fingers do the walking on my trusty keyboard and found this store just a few blocks from me. It only took a few page clicks to realize I was in love with the store. I called and they could repair my machine (that Mom found at a garage sale at least 6 years ago, BTW. This is the first time I've taken it to be serviced.)

The fabric selection there was UN-BE-LIEVABLE. Beautiful. And to boot, the sales lady was friendly and helpful. What a novel idea, eh? eyes spotted an mannequin wearing almost the exact same apron that I'd been salivating over here and a similar one here. To be quite honest, the aprons on the internet were the real reason why I dusted off my sewing machine a few weeks ago. I want to learn to make one.

So, I bought a pattern while in my new favorite sewing store (see pictures below). Then emailed a friend who is a sewing diva. This friend, when in high school, used to sew all her clothes. Seriously. After school she'd go straight to her room, design the outfit then sew it to wear the next day. Amazing.

Next Saturday John has an all-day class. My friend has agreed to come over for an hour or so. I can't wait.

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