Friday, March 7, 2008

Squeeze 'n Brush

The Artful Parent inspires. I'm not very artful but I'm trying...well, I can copy. John Isaac is using Elmer's Squeeze 'n Brush in the above pictures all because of her idea/review.

Can you see the concentration on his face? Once he figured it out he LOVED painting. It took a few minutes to get the swing of squeezing the tube. These brushes might frustrate the weaker or more compliant child. Destructo is quite strong (and determined). He will tell you he is strong then show his muscles.

Today's art session was one of the longest where he stayed engaged. Which is no small feat!

I loved that the mess was almost non-existent (and we can be quite messy). The brushes were super easy to clean. For the penny pinchers out there, the back of the package says you can refill with Elmer's Washable Tempera Paints. We have more tempera paint (just not Elmer's but I think it will do.)

HT for photo mosaic: Three Sneaky Bugs


The Artful Parent said...

Ha! Those photos are priceless!

Anonymous said...

Love the expressions!

Now that I know those brushes are refillable I'd be willing to spend the money on them.

mbl said...

Destructo is quite cute and I love his blog name. It fits!! haa.


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