Friday, April 18, 2008


Found this geography game and took a whirl at it this morning. It's a drag and drop the state on a map kind of game. I was curious to see how well I knew the states, especially after seeing this video of Miss South Carolina butchering the question, "Why can't 1/5 of Americans locate the US on a map?"

My scores? I took it twice to see if I could improve, and to see if the states would appear in different orders (they did.)

first time: 86%, Error 35 miles, completed in 295 seconds
second time: 88%, Error 19 miles, completed in 242 seconds

If you take it - let me know how you do.


Stephanie said...

That was harder than I thought it would be! I got 90%, 27 miles, 241 seconds. Thanks for sharing that, I'm going to tell my husband about it so he can do it with his sixth graders.

Anonymous said...

84% 58 miles and 527 seconds. I need a new geography lesson.

Amanda said...

80% 28 Miles and 308 seconds. It was very sensitive!

John and Pam said...

I am embarrassed to say that I do not know my original 13 colonies! I had Rhode Island and Delaware mixed up!
First time 90% 17mi 392 sec
next 84% 20 mi 362 sec


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