Sunday, May 4, 2008

More Fun in the Tub

Since Magaw & Grandpa have been here, Mr. Intensity has taken some marathon baths; they don't mind to spend eternity in the bathroom. Two nights in a row he used finger paint. I think he's used shaving cream and food coloring in a muffin tin three nights.

At one point, I'm not sure who was laughing the hardest - Mr. Intensity or Grandpa. It was really messy and so much fun. Grandpa was throwing it onto the shower wall as well as onto Mr. Intensity's tummy.


sharon said...

Hi Julie,

What a cool idea...I have never seen that one before, my little Trinity (3.5) will love it.

My son is 18 now and I miss my little boy. I am so proud of my young man though. He leaves for Bible College this September. He wants to be an evangelist.


Sherry said...

ooh! great idea! We'll have to give this a try. :)


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