Tuesday, May 20, 2008

S is for Sundial

Can you tell we made a sundial for S-week?

It's not very technical. After all, a preschooler could care less what hour it is; Mr. Intensity is mainly concerned about people and food. So, our sundial is not solely marked by time but also food.

My husband asked today, "Where did you get this idea?" I dunno. Definitely the internet - but I can't remember where, or I'd give credit. Hardly any of our activities are original.

To make it - choose a sunny locale. I *thought* our sidewalk had sun all day. I was wrong. When we went out at dinner to mark it, the sidewalk was shaded. Secondly, mark the spot where the child's toes are, so as to have a point of reference. Below you'll see Mr. Intensity wielding his trusty spray bottle, a handy friend to have in the desert.

Proud as a peacock, I just had to show you that he's writing his name!!! He wrote all the letters, with a bit of help for S. I lightly chalked it and he drew over it.


John and Pam said...

WOW!!!!! I am impressed!!! Good job on your name, John Isaac! Also, the sundial was a great idea!

The Eberle Family said...

John Isaac--I am so proud of you writing your name!!! That's awesom Julie!! GO MOMMA!!!


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