Thursday, May 29, 2008

Spankin' Spoon

We played with *relatively new* friends today. The youngest, a girl who just turned two, decided to not obey her momma's request right away. When Mom went to the girl she began whine and continue in her disobedience.

Enter Mr. Intensity.

Voicing his parenting expertise, "We have a spankin' spoon."

The mom couldn't hear over the whining and crying so she said, "What?"

"We have a spankin' spoon inside. Want me to go get it?"

The mom looked at me like, "Caught you - you spank your kid?!"

You betcha. Don't Make Me Count to Three.


John and Pam said...

That's pretty good!!

Anonymous said...

Wow!~ That's awesome. Just awesome.

Charissa said...

What an encouragement these types of posts are! Great reminders of who we are called to be as parents - loving parents, but still parents! Praying for your upcoming move.

My Boys' Teacher said...

I knew I like you :)


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