Thursday, May 15, 2008

Water Work -or- Play?

Just as I was about to toss some bottles in the recycling bin it occured to me that Mr. Intensity would love to play with them. Before I let him bring a chair to the sink, we talked about pouring and twisting lids on and off. Of course we had to have a refresher on how to mop extra liquid with a sponge. Here's proof positive that he had fun. The four bottles I gave him were all a bit different. The rice vinegar jar had a screw top. The soy sauce also had a screw top and a stopper of sorts. When you held it up-side down you could see bubbles as the water ran out. The half and half had a flip top which could also be twisted off. Lastly was a plastic squeeze bottle that I had to help refill; the lid was too advanced for him


Anonymous said...

We played in the sink yesterday too after cereal explosion. I didn't get to post pics yesterday but might get to today. Maybe I should start saving a bunch of different kinds of bottles...I am glad he had lots of fun.

John and Pam said...

Looks like he was quite entertained. You have such great ideas! And if the water spills-"it's the desert, it will dry".

Sunday said...

Hey Friend!
My kiddos LOVE empty bottles. I save the (safe ones) and let them play in the tub with them. Cheap and fun!

Thanks for the comment on the blog recently. It was good to have you stop by. I did know about the Ws new baby! He is a cutie!

I don't have your email address and I wanted to send you a note. Do you have mine? Send me an email and I'll reply.

Thinking about you!


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