Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sticky Buns

If you want to keep a girlish figure, don't subscribe to King Arthur's blog. When I saw the tutorial for these cinnamon rolls (the comments are helpful,too), we went straight to the grocery store to get our ingredients.

Not only were these yummy, they were super easy to make. I'm serious. I've tried several recipes and this one is now my favorite. The dough was easy enough for a 3.5 year old boy to roll out, and that's usually the part I dread - fighting with the dough.

Mr. Intensity loves to bake. Most of all, he loves to operate the KitchenAid mixer - and wear his HomeDepot apron. Look at the excitement in his eyes (or is that sarcasm?)

Below, he's concentrating on buttering the bottom of the pan.

Rollin' out the dough. Easy as pie.

He also enjoyed spreading the milk on the dough.

Shakin' cinnamon sugar was good fun.

Roll 'em up (we sang Patty Cake, Patty Cake, Baker's Man). The tutorial used a serrated knife to cut apart the rolls. I tried using my knife but it's not a very good one, so I resorted to my old standby - dental floss.


After ->

The very best part: adding the icing!!

While I was pouring milk, he did the sweetest thing. I had to photo document it. (He isn't sweet very often.) He cleared his little table, pulled it out from the staircase and said, "Momma, I made a special table, just for us!" It melted my heart.
While we were eating, he said, "What's today? Friday? Let's do something fun go to the zoo!"
Um, we just spent 4 hours in the kitchen making cookies, cheescake and cinnamon rolls. Wasn't that fun?
To see what other moms have done for this week's challenge of sticky - go to Unplug Your Kids.


John and Pam said...

What a special memory you two made!

The Eberle Family said...

OK--those look so yummy!! I love sticky buns so I will definitely try this recipe.

I'm glad you a had sweet moment with your boy--it doesn't get any better than that....

Take care of you!

Julie said...

I cannot wait to try this. Thanks. It is something I miss over here. Never really ate them in America, but since I cannot get them here, they do sound yummy. Thanks for posting.

And good for you JI, it is so cool that he was such a gentleman!

Kate in NJ said...

LOL, My P is the same way..."now what can we do that's fun?"...every time.
I like to think that it is because we are fun that they always expect know "can't wait to see what Mom will come up with next!" lol
Yummy project!

Heather said...

One of the first things that came to my mind with "sticky" was sticky buns! But I have been avoiding cooking now that its so hot out! I'll try these once our humid streak ends, thanks for sharing.

Tina said...

Yummmmmmmy! We make bread each week so I could not convince my gals that helping me with the bread was a great sticky project!

Piseco said...

Mmm! If only we'd done "sticky" in February, I might have been tempted to try these right away! I'll just have to save the recipe and come back to it... thanks for sharing!

Gottfredsen said...

Those Look Fantastic. I do owe the boys some baking time. Might have to try these. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Mmmm yummy! My daughter loves to wear aprons too. Her current favorite is from a store in Canada that's similar to Home Depot.

amy said...

Wow - yum! I think we might make these for Father's Day! :)

Christy said...

Those look so good! If it weren't so hot here, I'd make some right now.

Anonymous said...

I'll have to try these. I have never made my own cinnamon rolls before! I think my kids would like them. Thanks for the recipe link!

(PS. Very cute about the little table. Moments like that make mommies' hearts flutter!)

So Smrt said...

Thanks for the great idea. E will LOVE the frosting...

Anonymous said...

Those look wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

reprehriestless warillever said...

That looks *so* good, but I can't imagine the sticky mess that my crew of bakers would make with this recipe.....

That's why we have aprons, right?


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