Saturday, June 28, 2008


After returning to our room Friday night, the McLaughlin family (who have 2 boys & a girl that JI adores) called to say someone gave them free tickets to Universal and they wanted to share with us! Yay!!

We got there just as the park opened and zoomed to the E.T. ride - no one was in line! It was a bit scary for JI, but we tried to laugh it up while on the dark & loud ride. Eventually he was convinced that it was fun. If you ask him now, I think he'd say it was his favorite.

Then we went to the Simpson ride. For me, 30 seconds after being on the ride, I was ready to hurl. Even though we weren't actually on a roller coaster, it felt as if we were. We watched a movie screen but the "vehicle" we sat in moved. I had to close my eyes for most of the ride and eventually John covered JI's eyes and ears. I don't need to tell you that the images were a bit violent and it was LOUD. The entire day was very very loud.

The kids needed something a bit more laid back - so we went to kids' land. There was a huge playgound there, complete with water slide.
Curious George even had his own little " water park." Those two "parks" were probably the best thing for little kids at Universal.It was a hot day. I was ready to go home after lunch - esp. since our tickets were free. I didn't feel the guilt of "we paid xxx for these tickets and I have to get my money's worth." It was a fun day. I'm glad we went. Looking forward to tomorrow, I think we're finally going to the beach.


missy said...

you are impressive getting the pictures in from your day today!!!! It sounds like it was fun despite being a scorcher! See you at breakfast!

John and Pam said...

Thanks for some of the cutest pictures yet! Sounds like you had a great time! Can't wait to hear JI retell the stories.

Megret said...

Had no idea Curious George had a spot at Universal! Our son is obsessed with CG right now -- maybe he still will be when we make it down there in the next year or two! :0)


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