Thursday, July 24, 2008

Gold Mine for Boys

Hubby's parents live 30 minutes from the General George Patton Museum - which is near the Ft. Knox Army Base. The Patton Museum is dedicated to his life and the history of armored warfare from WWI to modern day. Which means: lots of TANKS!

Below is a picture of where they stash the gold - I couldn't believe it was so close to the highway!
Mr. Intensity had a blast visiting the tanks with his cousins. I think it's funny that in a field of "retired" tanks, painted on each slab of concrete is "do not climb on tanks." What the heck would climbing do to the tank?!
Nolan and Mr. Intensity, thrilled to be there, lead the charge to the museum. Haley, on the other hand, was not thrilled. There's not a single girlie thing here.

It's free admission. If you find yourself near Louisville, KY with a boy (or tank enthusiast) - you gotta go.

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MajorScoop said...

Weird that the Patton museum is there and not here where he died and where we have Patton barraks...

Fun that JI loves army... perfect place to go!


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