Sunday, August 24, 2008

Deo for My B.O.

Yesterday I confessed of filling my kitchen with bubbles. Before I tell you about the next hair brained idea, I must give you some background. The reason I try hairbrained ideas is from an overflow of trying to save money, time, or the planet (which includes my body on the planet.)

The bulk of this post stems from the fact that three of my grandparents have/had dementia/Alzheimer's. Frequently I pray that the Lord takes my body before he takes my mind. I'm scared spitless of losing my memory.

Like many illnesses, no one really knows what causes Alzeheimer's. I've read conflicting reports on whether or not aluminum is a cause. And whether or not deodorant and antiperspirant have a role in all that.

In my mind, knowing that rubbing something potentially toxic on my largest organ (the skin) doesn't sound like a good idea. I'm not that sweaty of a person, even when I work out. Most days I stay in the air conditioning and don't wear deodorant. However, I live in the desert where it's really HOT. Just walking to the car makes me sweat - and sweat stinks. I've tried Burt's Bees and Trader Joe's. Neither of these natural deodorants work for my body chemistry.

Enter Angry Chicken's post with a recipe for making deodorant. I was skeptical that her recipe would work. She lives in the north, and I live in the SWEATY southwest.

The results? Pleasantly surprising. I don't stink. I still sweat (but that's a natural thing). Will I make my own deo forever? Hmmm...not sure yet. A friend of mine gave me the shea & cocoa butter so I didn't have much invested in the experiment. Plus, it's just cool to be able to say that, "I made the deo for my B.O. "

Another money and planet saving home remedy I've tried is using vinegar with essential oils as a fabric softner. (I had the essential oils left over from my natural insect repellent).

The results? I couldn't really tell that it made the clothes softer or smell better. For the longest time, I haven't used any fabric softener. Mostly because I'm really frugal. No one in my family has died from scratchy or static-y clothes. I don't think they have even noticed.

The house smelled nice for a few hours after doing laundry - not at all like vinegar. Once the clothes dried I couldn't really smell the essential oil. I think it's just easier to go without any fabric softner all together.

Another hair brained idea I've read on the blog-o-sphere is making shampoo. More than one blog has sworn off using conventional shampoo and using baking soda and apple cider vinegar. I like my salon formula just fine.

So - has anyone else tried any of these? Or have you other hair brained ideas I should try? I promise to read the recipe. :)


Julie said...

I cannot find any of the products for these homeade things, or I am not sure where to look here, or the translation and usually it costs way more money than buying the original product.

Z has a sweating problem and found this super helpful deoderant he applies only at night and it helps him. He could never wear dark shirts or was afraid when he would give talks. It made him so uncomfortable, and now he feels like he found a miracle. Should we be concerned with deo?

Anonymous said...

Hey! I totally saw angry chicken's post and have been thinking about making that deodorant. I've tried several natural ones and I STINK so much with them that I can't get away from using the aluminum products unless I want to walk around with flies following me. So, does her product really work? Is it worth the time to try and make it?

Julie said...

Wish y'all were closer - I'd let you try mine. :)

Lauren - the product works for me. I don't stink. I'm amazed. It didn't take long to make - but you do have to invest in the materials. You could do like The Artful Parent did - and have a "I'm not a dirty hippie party" and share the supplies/costs with friends.

Julie A. - the deodorant won't stop you from sweating. Antipersperant stops people from sweating. Deo just helps with the smell. As for "should we be concerned with the deo?" I don't know. I don't want to be an alarmist but I have a family history of Alzeheimer's so I want to be cautious where I can. The studies are inconclusive. I don't speak in front of people - if I did, I probably would wear an antipersperant.

Sadie said...

I read both those posts about the "I;m not a Dirty Hippie" parties. I was thinking about making some....haven't gotten ingredients yet though. We have been cleaning with baking soda and vinegar for awhile. A few years back I made laundry soap, but the soap didn't dissolve. I may try again since we have a new washer now, and maybe make the liquid instead. The shampoo and dishwasher det. peaked my interest too...

Boss Sanders said...

I'm interested in hearing any shampoo ideas, too. We are trying the laundry detergent mix soon (I found something on another site). And, I might try the deo, but not sure. I have 3 sticks of kiss my face deo left to use up (my friend and hubs decided they didnt like theirs and gave them to me. hah). Can't wait to see what else you come up with :)

Mom and Kiddo said...

I am very product/chemical-phobic and use one of those mineral salt sticks for deodorant. It is surprisingly effective. Of course you still sweat but it sure does help with the stink (even better if you can reapply in the afternoon). Also, try this shampoo bar:
It's really inexpensive, lasts FOREVER (like the deo) and I don't even need conditioner.

Julie said...

the shampoo bar sounds tempting. Afterall, I could carry it on a plane! :)

SheltonDHW said...

I been using Angry Chicken's recipe for deo for over a week now, and am very happy with it. I made some changes due to lack of products, but it is pretty much the same. I read an article on how antiperspirant clogs your sweat glands and seals them off in order to work. That means it is going into your body. That can't be good. it showed a picture of a cross section of a sweat gland filled with the stuff. Yuk.


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