Saturday, August 2, 2008

Fun Craft Day

My dear husband makes Saturdays wonderful days for me. He tries very hard to keep Mr. Intensity out of my hair for a few hours so I can have some "alone time."

This morning began at 5:30 - when Mr. Intensity woke me. Daddy was gone mountain biking with a friend...thinking that we would sleep at least until 7:30.

So, after a strong cup of decaf and morning devotions, I started crafting. I sewed ribbon & rick rack on burp cloths - there's a shower at church next weekend and a friend had a baby yesterday. I also made something special for my nephew (yet to be born) but I can't post pictures yet - his momma & daddy might be reading.

Then I embarked on more stenciling! It's addictive. Big Lots has all sorts of canvases for $5!! I bought three squares to put on Mr. Intensity's walls. The only thing his walls have seen are dirty feet.

It took four coats of paint to evenly cover the material (which is remnant fabric from his curtains.) The project is *mostly* completed, just need to hang them - but here are the pictures. I'm pleased.


Julie said...

Good Job Julie!!! I am super proud of you. I love it, and I am sure he will too... in his own way, he might even break them over his head to show you how much!!! :) *smiling*

Anonymous said...

Great Job! You beat me to the cute burp cloths. I found a great tutorial that I was going to use for a few of my friends that are having kiddos this month (and next). Since I just learned how to sew it's about the only thing I can do (and I loved the ones you made me but hardly got to use them b/c Hannah didn't spit up-praise God!). I'll have to think of something else for Joel and Jen... they look great, though.

John and Pam said...

That is really impressive, Julie.

reprehriestless warillever said...

Crafty people amaze me. I have never been very good at anything that requires fine motor control, so it is all well beyond my reach. Fortunately I can cook, or else I'd feel completely hopeless as far as the creative pursuits go.

Three cheers for husbands that spend time with the kids on Saturday mornings. My husband went for a "nature walk" with Agent 002 when he arose at 4:45 yesterday. I love that man! It looks like you got a good one too :)

MerrandaVK said...

Can you make some for my sons' walls :)


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