Sunday, August 17, 2008

He's My ROCK

Hubby and I taught this song to the Sunday School class this morning. Mr. Intensity is in front - blue stripped shirt. I'm the crazy tall one with pink shorts.

The words:
He's my ROCK, my Sword, my Shield,
He's the Hub in the middle of the wheel,
He's the Lily of the Valley
The Bright and Morning Star!
I don't care what people may say,
I'm gonna get on my knees and pray
I'm gonna wait,
wait right here til Jesus comes.

Too bad Randy couldn't join us for a bit of accompaniment (see video below.)


MerrandaVK said...


Jesus is the ROCK and you rock too, my friend :)

AnniePat said...

Randy Travis and I are from the same hometown: Marshville, NC! Of course, he never claims it, but they just took down the huge sign last year as you enter the town, that said, "Welcome to Marshville--THE HOME OF RANDY TRAVIS." Oh, and my dad taught him 8th grade math!

Okay, well...that's my claim to fame...

Can't wait to hear everything about your adoption process!

John and Pam said...

Julie, you make Randy seem BORING!!!


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