Sunday, August 10, 2008

Highlights from the Week

Last Monday, a leak was discovered from the dishwasher. Under further scrutiny, black mold was discovered under almost all my cabinets. That said, my kitchen has been a disaster zone this week trying to eradicate the formidable mold.

So on Tuesday, Hubby said my favorite three words: let's eat out. We had a gift card to DQ and enjoyed a [insert sarcasm] nutritious meal there. Mr. Intensity enjoyed every drip drop of his ice cream.

The next picture is totally random. It's a cell phone tower not far from my house. Creative, eh?
A friend of mine records the "non-toy" of the day enjoyed by her daughter. I wish I'd thought of doing that. Mr. Intensity seldom plays with real toys. He prefers bamming and masking tape. This week's toy of choice was pipe cleaners. Below he's cutting them in minuscule pieces but behind him you can see how he's connected two bar stools. Notice the masking tape in the bottom of the picture? It's never far behind during destruction construction.
And here, he's licking making icing for cupcakes. On his right hand, you'll see what looks like a birth mark. It appeared shortly after my mysterious spider bite. We have no idea what it is - or what caused it. He says it doesn't hurt or itch.
And here's my beloved working tirelessly, without complaint, on the cabinets. He basically gutted them (leaving only the front exterior) and rebuilt the inside. No fun.
This one is finished (except for the plywood back - which will go on after the other cabinets are finished.)

Even though the blessed machine had a leak, I'm thankful for the dishwasher. I only had to go about 36 painful hours without it. I'm thankful we found the mold before a buyer (or inspector) found it. I'm thankful for my husband who doesn't mind being a handyman.


AnniePat said...

hey, thanks for the props! my favorite thing about kiddos has always been how creative they are with the simplest things. toys can be just a distraction from all the creativity!

John and Janel Breitenstein said...

I'll totally have to try the masking tape idea! My kids can't wait to get their hands on tape.

Loving your commments on MomBlog!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Way to go John! I bet that saved you a ton of money!

Julie said...

so jealous you have a handy man... Zach and I don't know how to do anything... it is annoying and I wish we did!


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