Sunday, August 31, 2008

Playin' in the Dirt Mud

Since we live in the desert, it's not often that Mr. Intensity gets to play in the mud. However, it is monsoon season so we've had a few showers. It also helps that our parking lot is still under construction.

Rain + Dirt = good clean fun.
After I took my camera inside, a horde of neighborhood boys came to play. They've had HOURS of fun together all weekend.
The above pictures were taken on Friday afternoon. The storm we had Thursday night was nothing short of spectacular.

Hubby told me to come upstairs to watch the lightning (which is spectacular this time of year). The light show was like nothing I've ever seen before. Literally it looked like a strobe light in the south sky.

About 30 minutes after seeing the light show, the winds picked up. This was the closest I've been to being in a hurricane. Later it was recorded the gusts were up to 100 mph.

Then we had hail. Edamame size. It was bigger than peas but smaller than golf balls. Until the hail, we had been watching the storm out the bedroom window. Once the ice began to fall we were fearful the super thin windows would shatter so we backed away.

The storm was an amazing display and reminder of God's power. As we drove around the next day there was debris everywhere - including toppled saguaro cacti and sheared palm trees. Indeed the storm was the topic of conversation...everywhere!


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