Saturday, September 20, 2008

One Hundred Kids

After leaving my friend's house (who has 28 month old daughter and twin boys, 18 months!), Mr. Intensity asked me, "Momma, how would you feel if we had 3 kids?"


"What if we had 2 kids?"

Still tired.

"What if we only had one kid?"

Really tired.

"What if we had ONE HUNDRED kids?!"

Oh man, really really tired.

"Momma, just think of all that room time you could have...just resting!"

Translation: when Mr. Intensity has room time, I usually lay on the couch.  He thinks with 100 kids I'd lay on the couch all day.  HA!


Julie said...

that is so funny! I think the room time would translate to loud noisy time... ha ha with 100 kiddos.

CC said...

My kids have told me that when they are older they are going to adopt 100 children.

I tell them, "Have fun with that."


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