Monday, October 13, 2008

Adoption Update

Just a quickie to let you all know how to pray (if you're inclined).

1.  Last week I met with our social worker to discuss my personal history.  John meets with her this week.  Our home study should be completed next week.  

My interview took less time than she expected.  As I was leaving the agency's office, the social worker said to me, "You're quite stable.  Most people I interview come from broken pasts of divorce and/or abuse."

It's by the grace of God.  I feel so fortunate that both Hubby and I come from intact families.  I called my dad the next day to thank him for loving mom - and for providing for such a wonderful childhood.  Which reminds me, I need to call my mom.  :)

2.  An email came today from a friend in Little Rock who "knows of" a pregnant woman, who's six months along and was looking for a family who could pay medical expenses and attorney fees.  That's all I know.  Of course we would love to be the family.  I'll keep you posted as I learn anything.

3.  Since the economy has gone down the tubes and our house isn't selling, we are hoping to rent it and move to Little Rock in January.  
  • Know anyone who would like to rent an beautiful townhouse in central Phoenix?
  • Know of a good housing deal in Little Rock (free would be awesome!) or a place we could rent super cheap, I would be oh-so-thankful.


Julie said...

I will be praying and I haven't forgotten about the email I am going to send you. Haven't felt well all weekend and will do it, I promise. So happy the conference went well.

Anonymous said...

i will be keeping you in my thoughts and hope everything goes your way! i really do hope everything works out for you guys with the adoption and house!

fingers crossed! i'll say a prayer!

i take offense to what the social worker said though that your stable cuz you don't have divorced parents! i'm a child of divorce and i feel that i'm a stable person it was better for our family that my parents got divorced instead of my mom staying with my dad who decided cheating was ok!

Julie said...

Re: Anonymous' comment -
I'm so sorry that my thoughts about stability and divorce offended you. I wasn't trying to imply that being a child of divorce causes one to be unstable. I think what the social worker was trying to imply by "stable" was that I didn't have to endure unnecessary pain in my childhood. When a couple divorces there is much pain involved for more than just the parents, and it lasts for years.

Anonymous said...

thanks for your comments it was actaully a relief to my and my sister my mom didn't have to cry herself to sleep every night and my parents wouldn't be fighting anymore!

but i'm serious when i say i'm super super happy for you guys!!!!!:)

Lisa said...

This is very exciting! When I think of you guys I will definitely pray for this entire situation.


MerrandaVK said...

We just took our home off the market and are going to pray it out this winter to see what God has in store for us come spring. I'll be thinking and praying for you about your situation here too..

My stomach is so excited and nervous for you as you wait out this adoption process..

And yes, that is AMAZING that both you and your hubby come from stable families. I know FEW that do, what a blessing.

(oh and we have FIREPROOF on our NETFLIX waiting list and I can't wait :)


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