Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cadillac of Bags

The cashier at Trader Joe's complimented my re-usable shopping bag and said, "Woah, that's the Cadillac of bags!"

I told him that I'd thought of buying one of their bags, but then remembered I had a closet full of bags.  I like using this summer swim-gear bag for groceries because it holds much more than the flimsy plastic sacks the store gives me.  As such, I don't have to wrangle as many bags from the cart to the car to the kitchen!


John and Pam said...

It's easier on your fingers, too. And if you use them at Kroger's (maybe Fry's too) you get 4 cents off your order for each one you use. Big deal, but hey it is something!

mbl said...

that's a great idea. I keep telling Nate I want to buy a few of those reusable bags. genious---use what I already have. haaa. thanks for sharing the little things.

MerrandaVK said...

That is a fancy grocery bag. I am with you. those plastic bags barely hold anything!


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