Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What Are You Wishing For?

My techno-savvy friend, Rachael told me about a this website she's been using.  She has three small children and lives 2,000 miles from all the grandparents.  The generous grandparents often want to buy something for the kiddos, but because they hardly see the kids they don't really know what to purchase.

Wishpot.com is designed to keep up with all the "things" you're wishing for...yourself, your children, and even your hubby (if you want to make a list for him.)

How it works:
  • sign up for an account at wishpot.com
  • it automatically adds a widget to your web browser
  • when you find something you can't live without, click the widget (while on the web page of the coveted item) and the item is added to your list!
  • tell your friends/family that you have a wishpot.com account.  You can also set it as private.
  • it will even import your Amazon.com wish list.  Careful, I had things on my wishpot list that had already been purchased from Amazon (I just deleted them.)
I've already added a few things to my list *hint hint.*  If you wanna see my list, just enter my email address:  luvmyhub [at] gmail [dot] com.  The biggest list is the one for Mr. Intensity.


John and Pam said...

Great! Thank you Julie!!! I love it!!

missy said...

i am KICKING myself because 7 years ago i came up with the idea to do wishlist.com which was exactly the wishpot thing. i could be a millionare right now if i only had an iota of the talent and know-how to have made my vision into reality. i would be so rich i wouldn't need a wishpot list because i could just buy it all myself. oh well, i'm sure i would have given it ALL to charity.


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