Sunday, December 14, 2008

Birthday Cake

Use your imagination and squint.  Or, maybe, cause your eyes to cross and you'll be able to read "JESUS" on the cake.

It wasn't decorated by Mr. Intensity but yours truly, moi.  I was too lazy to pull out my cake decorating stuff so I sent my man to the store to get peanut M&Ms ('cause I wanted to eat the leftovers).  

Nonetheless, it's a birthday cake...for Jesus - made a few days early.  Actually, I made it about 3 weeks ago for a function at my church.  Several of us displayed ideas from the book, Redeeming the Season.

Nothing says birthday like a pretty cake to a four-year old.  When I made it and stuck 4 candles in the top, Mr. Intensity asked, "Is Jesus four-years-old?"

This cake is long gone.  However, I've talked with my mother-in-law and she's already ordered the cake for Jesus' real birthday.  Yay!

Anyone else eat birthday cake on Christmas?


Spesamor Academy said...

We have ours on Christmas Eve, although we have no good reason why, it's just what works for us. And we only put on one candle, because it is for His birth, hence, His first birthday.

Houdini said...

The custom in Japan is to eat cake - like birthday cake - and go on a date with your significant other - like Valentine's - and there is no custom for making cookies or giving presents.
Funny thing is most people here don't know Jesus but they get "lovey--dovey" and eat cake on his birthday!
They may even search out a Christmas Eve candlelight service for that "authentic" romantic touch.

Julie said...

we do a birthday cake for Jesus too... on Christmas Eve... we started it last year

The Eberle Family said...

That's our Christmas tradition....we sing Happy Birthday to Jesus and have cake for breakfast Christmas morning!! Isaac told me last night how he wants to decorate this years!! :)

John and Pam said...

Julie, your cake looks soooo yummy!

Heather said...

This will be our 3rd year. We have so much fun planning out what it will look like and talking about the birth of Christ. My boys are also obsessed with candles (well, fire mostly) and so this tradition really helps make His birthday the most important part of the holiday! :)

reprehriestless warillever said...

We make a cake on Christmas Eve day during that downtime when it feels like a holiday but there is no structured holiday activity.

We sing Happy Birthday after dinner, and everyone blows out the pillar candle together.

Shannon said...

We are making birthday cupcakes this year! Not sure about candles...we are a mixed family so not sure how much I can take over and have my way!

Jennifer Bryant said...

Hey. I'm just catching up on your blog. We are starting the birthday cake this year with Jack. He loves birthdays and cake, and I had already planned to do it anyway, so that he would remember the real reason we celebrate Christmas. He is so excited to celebrate Jesus' birthday, Thursday. We are having cake in the morning Christmas day and he is even going to get to eat a piece first thing in the morning which he would never normally get to do. Anyway, I think it is a wonderful idea and a fun and easy way to focus on the true meaning of Christmas. Merry Christmas!!


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