Tuesday, December 9, 2008

More Art & Wisdom Needed

Sitting in the audience of the Velveteen Rabbit today was super fun.  Memories rushed back of when I was a kid, watching live performances.  Oh the magic of it all!

Afterwards, we grabbed lunch at In & Out.  However, Mr. Intensity was dramatically sad that he wasn't going back to school to eat with his friends.  I'm so boring.  After all, school lunches in a Speed Racer lunchbox are sooo good.

I tried to tantalize him by mentioning the "big library, downtown" - you know, the one with the fun glass elevators.  I'd seen on their web page an advertisement to see original artwork by Eric Carle and was excited to go.  

Big. Fat. Let down.  Don't make a trip just to see the ONE lonely hungry caterpillar.  

The elevators, on the other hand, by all means are worth the trip.  We went to the 5th floor at least 5 times entertaining countless people along the way.  Of course he was in charge of pushing the buttons.  He wore the cutest red sweater vest with a train. (Thanks, Gigi!)

Adoption Update 
Angela went for a check up today; she's 6 weeks away and will start going every week now.    The doctors are guessing the baby is 8lbs already.  She has started dilating, though no effacement. She's gone 2 weeks past her due date before.

At one point on the phone it was a bit weird talking with her.  At times I feel like I'm chatting with a girlfriend about pregnancy pains (and 3am bathroom trips).  Then out of the blue *BLAM* it strikes me weird that this woman is giving her child to our family.  

Specifically, she said something like, "He's going to be about 10lbs when he's born so I just wanted to call you so that you wouldn't buy newborn caps for him."

How do you respond to that?  Awkward I tell you.

Wisdom, I need wisdom and lots of it.


John and Pam said...

You are in our prayers. I cannot imagine the strangeness of it all, but I know this: baby Majors will be loved and cared for and taught all the truth about God's love for him. What more could a mother want? She must take such comfort in that.

Julie said...

Amen to what John and Pam said. I am praying for you all and so excited!!!

Anonymous said...

I am sure that it is awkward talking to her given the unique circumstances, but I have never met a person with more God-given ability to make people feel at-ease, cared for, and comfortable than YOU. I have no doubt that you will handle it all better than anyone can imagine. I'll be praying for you and your family. How is the naming process going? I love following your blog from time to time and seeing what you've been up to!

Jodi Luechtefeld

MerrandaVK said...

Still thinking of you as you wait for your new little guy. Even though he'll be a big baby, he'll still seem small :)

missy said...

this is such a whole new world. i know god will give you all that you need in the midst of the awkwardness. by the way...10 lbs?!


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