Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lexington's Children's Museum

We stopped at the Thoroughbred Park on the way to Lexington's Children's Museum.

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this museum because Lexington isn't a huge city. The entrance fee was only $6/each and for another $25 Mom got a Grandparent Membership.

It was almost empty the day we went (Thursday afternoon) but we were told that Monday (MLK Day) was a zoo b.c the entrance fee was only $1.

The boys loved everything. I won't bore you with too many pictures. Above is a picture of "water play" and below is from the "bubble room."
Since Lexington is at the heart of horse country, there were plenty of horse exhibits including this one comparing heart sizes. Left to right: rat, human and horse heart.

The far and away favorite exhibit was the Kentucky River. The boys played here for a long time. They loved fiddling with the locks and pushing boats over the dam.

If you live in central KY with kids - or are looking for a pit stop along I-64 or I-75, I heartily recommend this museum.

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Anonymous said...

why would we be bored with too many pictures?

the hearts were fascinating.


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