Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cheese Snob

Kelly the Kitchen Kop wrote about the kinds of cheese one should never eat and it reminded me of a Mr. Intensity story - that actually happened twice so I feel compelled to write it down.

The second time it happened was at the Air Museum.  We stopped at the lunch shack to grab sandwiches. Mr. Intensity choose a grilled cheese.

One bite and he declared, "That cheese is yucky!"

It was "processed cheese food" - you know, Velveeta.

An adult said, "What?  Don't you like grilled cheese?"

Mr. Intensity said, "Yes, I like cheese just not that cheese."

I wasn't sure if I was proud of his discerning palate or sad that we spent $5 on one bite.

[The first time this scenario happened, it was with neighborhood kids who were having a "picnic" in the courtyard.  I grimaced that he ate white bread and "cheese" slices.  But after one bite he declined the delicacies and I rejoiced!  Silent victory.]

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jojoebi said...

I wish we could be cheese snobs! Our local supermarkets only stock process cheese, a great range of plastic cheese! but this is the usual in Japan. The only time I can get real cheese is when I go into the city and then I have to pay through the nose for it! I always get strong mature English cheddar and Ebi-kun tells everyone it is the best cheese in the world :o)

missy said...

i am an equal-opportunity girl when it comes to cheese. i love the real stuff, but velveeta does come in handy for it's meltiness.

he knows what he likes, that's for sure!

Shelley said...

You may enjoy this:


from my friend Sandra who lives in China.


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