Thursday, February 5, 2009

Making Tortillas

My sister-in-law is the coolest.  When I visited a few weeks ago, she made tortillas.  They were yummmmy!  If you want to make them too, it's really easy. Go here for the recipe for step-by-step details and pictures.  

For the 1/2 c oil, I used 1/4 c coconut oil + 1/8 c sesame oil + 1/8 c olive oil.  My friend Rachael recommended squishing the dough ball with another cutting board.  Worked like a charm.

You can see that I covered the dough with a dish towel.  The next time, I'll cover it with plastic or wax paper.  I forgot that I live in the desert and it's dry here.

In the beginning, I used the rolling pin in the picture.  After about 20 tortillas, I switched to a French rolling pin (or a really fat dowel rod) and it was much easier on my wrist.  

Then plopped the flat tortilla on a hot griddle.


Koko's mama said...

That is cool.

Julie said...

I will have to try this.

John and Pam said...

Thanks, I had meant to ask Lauren how to make them! Now I know!

Anonymous said...

From experience in making several batches now, to make time go the fastest: don't invest in a tortilla press but a big griddle. I can do 4-5 at a time and be done within 30 minutes (about) from start to finish. Also, Hannah's small silicone roller works great, too. And, I make about 30 or so at a time, freeze half, and I am good for at least two weeks (even when Michael takes them to work and we eat mexican several nights a week). They are worth it all the way.

Chinamommy said...

O.K. so I'm pretty late in my response but I have to tell you something I did yesterday. I was making portabella on wheat rolls for dinner and I only needed six rolls, so I took the rest of my bread dough (there was yeast in it) and decided to see if it would work as a tortilla. My Chinese exchange student came in so excited! I had created what her grandmother makes in China. She said sometimes they add green onion. I may try it again with this tortilla recipe and see if I get the same response. It's been fun cooking with her in the house.


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