Thursday, February 12, 2009

Two Weeks Till Moving

*Apologies for the crazy spacing and font.  I don't know what I did wrong.  

Talking with my dad earlier this week, I realized I haven't communicated well about our moving plans.

Tomorrow is the last day for our house to be appraised and we are praying like crazy that appraises for the value the buyer has offered.  I will cry big-o-buckets of tears if it doesn't.  My sister says we should be glad that we don't have to pay the bank to get out of our loan.  

I'm in denial that we'll be living in a 2 bedroom apartment.  

Reality is, most of the world lives in much less.

But I don't want to live in reality.  John and I haven't yet started packing.  Yesterday we got the "inspection" back from the buyer and his list of things for us to fix.  I was anxious as to what would be on the list (he was silent for over a week).  Thankfully, it's not too unrealistic.
After our house is appraised, we'll start packing.  Both realtors aren't sure that it will appraise (which also puts a huge knot in my stomach!)
The Lord has provided a retired friend (B. Hendrix) in Little Rock to look for us a place to rent. This woman is on mission!  And I am so thankful for her.  Very thankful - words cannot describe my gratitude for her.  
Today I went to Holy Yoga and the teacher was talking about how we must be at the end of our ropes to experience the fullness of the freedom that Christ wants to give us.  Man, how I know this to be true from the last 6 weeks.  Holy Yoga was a rich experience for me today.  I felt like the message was just for me.  Isn't God cool like that?
After yoga Mr. Intensity and I met friends at the Children's Museum.  He was playing with cars and another mom says to me, "Are you Julie?"
I have no idea who this woman is, or how in the world she knows me.
"I follow your blog."
Hilarious!!  Small world, eh?

*picture is of Mr. Intensity washing windows outside, in the lunch area of the museum.


Mom and Kiddo said...

It can definitely be challenging going from a house to an apt but whenever I start to feel sorry for myself I remember that I am fortunate to live in a great neighborhood in a great city and, as you mention, most people in the world have a much more difficult life than we do and live in much worse circumstances. Plus, it takes no time at all to keep it clean!

Julie said...

It is challenging, I can agree, I live it with two little ones in a 3 room flat. I understand, BUT YOU CAN DO IT!!!! Be thankful for the fact you have closets in the states! And see if the lady who is looking for you knows of anyone who needs a house sitter... that could be an option... not sure if that plausible.

Also, I have never bought a house in the states...I don't understand the appraisal process... could you explain what you are worried about exactly. I will be praying...

Julie said...

The appraisal: John and I think its a racket. The appraiser could come in our house or he could just drive by and decide the value. It's mostly based on what other properties around us are selling for (which is depressingly LOW right now). If our place doesn't "appraise" the bank won't loan the full amount to the buyer...which means that we have to go lower in our acceptance price - or decide not to sell. We want to sell and not have to manage a rental from 2K miles away. Plus, since there are so many foreclosures, etc. lots of people are renting houses these days and it's difficult to find a reliable/trustworthy renter.

reprehriestless warillever said...

Who knows with appraisals? We just had one done for a refi, and it came back higher than we payed for it in 2005. Kind of odd given how far prices have fallen. Here's hoping for a good appraisal!


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