Monday, February 2, 2009

We're Home & 2 Books

Our flight landed around 7pm and it was 70*.  Once in the airport, I was met with familiar sights and sounds.  Hubby pointed out a cop escorting a handcuffed youngster and I heard Spanish (only) in the bathroom.  It was nice to be home. 

I have a few pictures I want to post but will do that later...when I find the camera and cord. [Found it! and posted them.]  We've been gone about 6 weeks and our house looks like 6 suitcases exploded.  Wait, they did.

Yesterday I posted that I was feeling not so happy about our current situation.  Today I read a book that put things in perspective.  After I finished reading, it was difficult for me to talk with Hubby about it. I just wanted to cry; I was so full of emotion.

Against Medical Advice was written in first person by a boy who suffered severely from Tourette's syndrome and obsessive compulsive disorder.  It was gut-wrenching and heart warming all at the same time.  The family spent 12 years looking for help and longing for hope.  I counted 36 prescription medications (logged by his mother) as well as 10 vitamins/minerals they tried.

Though my son is very healthy, he does act compulsively and the book gave me insight into his life.  Hubby read the book before me and said, "I could really identify with the boy's need/urge for physical activity."

Against Medical Advice is a quick read and well written by award winning James Patterson and the boy's father, Hal Friedman.  They decided to use the boy's voice "because it conveys most powerfully what it was like for Cory to live through these experiences."  

Another book I started last night was Defiance.  Hubby and I saw the movie just after Christmas.  Wow.  And I complain about my life?

Big picture: Defiance is about Belorussian Jews who hid/lived in the forest during WWII.

Not so sure about you, but living in the woods in several feet of snow doesn't sound like fun for me.

These two books definitely put my stinky circumstances in perspective.


John and Pam said...

We are praying for you all Julie. Also, I am glad you got to read the book on the plane.

Julie said...

i haven't stopped praying for you since I got your email. Zach has been praying too.

My Boys' Teacher said...

Hi Julie,

I have really been enjoying your blog, thank you. I decided to go back and read it from the beginning today...however I've been clicking on "older post" for ten minutes and still haven't found the beginning. Would it be possible for you to activate the archives so it's easier to get there? If you don't want them up all the time, if you just put them in the sidebar for a week, I could get caught up and you could take it down again :)


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