Monday, March 9, 2009

Driving Cross Country Part I

Moving day was full of excitement.  Mr. Intensity was a big help, carrying stuff to the truck. He was repeatedly sliding a box down the truck's ramp when one of the guys said, "John Isaac, I don't think your parents would like you doing that."  After all, it was making a cool noise.  In the box was shattered crystal that had been two heirloom crystal bowls.  Oops.
The 24 foot moving truck couldn't have held much more.  My husband is The Master Packer.  The night before moving he said, "I'm almost giddy thinking about packing the truck.  It's like one big tetris game."  I would have cried if I were responsible for the truck.

The goal of the first day's drive was Winslow, AZ (anyone singing the Eagles' song, Take it Easy?  I'm standing on the corner...)  Winslow is midway between Flagstaff, AZ and the New Mexico border on Interstate 40.

We slept in Flagstaff.  It took the moving truck about 4 hours to drive what takes a car 2 hours. Flagstaff is almost a mile higher in elevation than Phoenix.  
The above picture was taken from the shoulder of I-40 the second morning, just a few miles outside of Flagstaff.  All kinds of sirens and bells were going off on the moving truck.  After a quick call to Penske (great customer service, BTW!!) we were in a mechanic's shop.  The air bakes needed adjustment.  At high elevations the model of truck we rented has been known to have troubles.  In less than an hour we were back on the road.  I was thankful we didn't have to unload and reload the truck!

The next two pictures I took for Mr. Intensity.  The scenery reminded me of Disney's movie Cars along Route 66.  The second night on the road we stayed in Tucumcari, NM and I feel very certain that the makers of Cars had been to that town.  It was eerie similar.

Of the five states that we visited along I-40: Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas, the scenery was the most breathtaking in Arizona.  Lots of boring flat land in NM, TX and OK.

The second day we drove 11 hours.  It was our hope to drive further but had to stop at 7:30pm in Tucumcari, NM because the wind was blowing at gusts of 55mph.  Tumbleweed the size of pilates balls were crashing into our trucks.  The tumbleweed weighs next to nothing but it's still shocking to see it flying into your vehicle.  I was stressed out and very tired.  Stormin' Norman (Hubby's 20 year old pickup) is a stick shift and doesn't have cruise.  My back was a screamin' from no lumbar support.  I was whining begging to stop for the night.

It felt good in the moment but meant we drove 14 hours the last day.  Ugh.

I'm really glad to be in my own bed tonight.


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Charissa said...

I'm glad you guys made it to Arkansas and have been reunited with your exciting son. Does it feel like home? At least you know where things are around town!

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