Friday, May 29, 2009

Backyard Nature

From my kitchen table I have a beautiful view of honeysuckles and birds galore.  It has been so fun to watch nature come alive.  Well, except for the many times we've seen snakes in the creek. *eek!*  One even had a fish in its mouth.

Back to the beautiful birds...

Before moving here, I could identify by sight but did not know the sound of a cardinal.  Now I know without looking which bird is on the patio when I hear the familiar "chip!"  We've been feeding them our stale popcorn and I think this is their way of begging.

One morning last week, we saw two Carolina Wrens hard at work.  This bird, by the way mates for life.  Sweet, eh?  

Upon further inspection, we realized they were nesting in my asparagus fern!
And Momma has laid 5 eggs.
Soon after our discovery, one of our friends showed us the House Finch's nest in their potted plant.  Mr. Intensity got to see the baby birds opening their mouths wide.  

He also does a great impersonation.

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Sherry said...

Very cool! :)


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