Monday, May 4, 2009

Spring Cleaning

I'm overwhelmed with STUFF.

Moving across the country has been challenging.  Surprisingly the hardest part has been dealing with the stuff, clutter, treasures, trappings of my earthly possessions.  What do I do with it all?

Today I resolve to do something about it.  

The cavalry arrives Wednesday night if I fail don't accomplish as much as I'd like.  Holly has agreed to help organize after our kids are in bed.  She is, as the FlyLady would say, Born Organized.

Some of my empowerment stemmed from these two articles:
 - Simple Mom:  Spring Cleaning Day One

Any tips?!


reprehriestless warillever said...

Buried in stuff. Absolutely buried.

If you come up with nay painless tips, please pass them on.

Michelle Cearley said...

I'm a very organized person and use FlyLady quite a bit, too. We recently moved from Little Rock to NW Arkansas, and we had added two more kids since our last move. The amount of stuff was so overwhelming, and it has taken me four months to settle in! One thing I started doing was making a stack in my garage of all the things I didn't love, hadn't used in 6 months, or toys my kids no longer played with. I mean I was ruthless! Then, I held a garage sale two weeks ago, and I have ended up selling $500 of stuff between the garage sale and Craigslist. It feels very liberating to clear out clutter, and the motivation of earning cash helped me be more ruthless with parting with items.

Anonymous said...

if it doesn't fit- get rid of it!

Anonymous said...

oh! and don't overstuff your closets and drawers. Put things away to comfortably fit and THEN with all the stuff that doesn't fit and if you find no other creative way of storing it, GET RID OF IT!

Anonymous said...

and one last thing... I so wish I were the one there to help you... maybe I should plan a getaway weekend to come just by myself :)

John and Pam said...

Good going Julie! I know how much you hate this, because I feel the same!


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