Friday, June 19, 2009


Monday morning we loaded Hubby's '89 Chevy and headed for Kansas. It's not an extended cab. All three of us were in the front.

Ironically, Mr. Intensity asked, "Will there be a tornado?"

Nervously I laughed and said, "I hope not."

As we crossed from Oklahoma into Kansas, the toll worker said, "Turn on your radio. There are tornado watches across the state."


The radio in his truck doesn't work. We called our Kansan hosts and asked them to watch the news and keep us informed. Thankfully the heavens didn't open until our truck was safe in their barn. It was 8pm and a terrible storm was upon us. At midnight, the house was shaking from thunder. The lightining was blinding and hail was on the roof. Thankfully, Mr. Intensity slept through it all.

We listened to the iPod on our battery operated iHome (the tape deck in the truck doesn't work, either.)

The next day, we drove another 8 hours and stayed with friends in Denver.

Wednesday we drove another hour and landed in Ft. Collins, our home away from home this summer. Below is a picture of our two bedroom apartment. It doesn't look this clean now.

Yesterday, Mr. Intensity and I went to the pool. All the kids were shivering and had blue lips. The water is that cold. I only soaked in the rays.

Hubby spent the last two days in training. The class he's teaching will start on Monday.
Mr. Intensity is totally in his element. Our apartment complex is swarming with boys his age.
Me?! I've been to Whole Foods (which is about 5 times the size of the one in Little Rock!!), and have discovered there's a Sprouts AND a Sunflower Market here. Yay!!
Should I make my southern friends jealous by telling you the humidity is so low here? I love Colorado's weather.


Chrys said...

Oh, what memories! I did CSU Summer Project in 1993 and our apartment looked an awful lot like the one pictured in your post.

Is the drive-in theater still there?

Fun times. Have a great summer!


zanesmommy said...

So wish I were up there. LOVED Ft. Collins and CSU! You will need to take your little man to the square. There is also an awesome English pub (if it is still there), Ben and Jerry's and summer concerts. Enjoy Ft. Collins in the Summer. Horsetooth is a great hike that you should enjoy.


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