Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Alphonse from Rwanda

This is our new friend, Alphonse, who is from Rwanda.  He's a first year student at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.
Our family was connected with Alphonse through the International Friendship Outreach.  Befriending an international student is something Hubby and I have wanted to do for a long time but have never made it a priority.  In college, I spent six weeks in another country and just by happenstance was invited into a national's home.  It was one of the highlights of my trip.

This year the opportunity seemed to jump in our lap.  Between the big push at our church along with the fact that over 50 Rwandans came to Little Rock for schooling.  It seemed as if there was a real need for friendship partners and we wanted to learn more about Rwanda.

Hubby is going to Rwanda in October to teach a seminary class.  He has been reading books about the genocide and wanted to learn about the culture before going.  But we had the opportunity to talk to someone! 

Mr. Intensity was beyond himself to have another friend at dinner.  Our entire family is looking forward to knowing Alphonse better.

I asked Alphonse, "How is America different that what you envisioned?"

He said, "I thought there would be skyscrapers everywhere.  I also thought that because of capitalism (Rwanda is a socialist economy), the people would be too busy to ever talk to me.  Both of these have proved to be untrue."

Yesterday mid-day I realized that Alphonse and Africa both begin with the letter A.  Mr. Intensity and I are beginning the letter of the week (again) this week.

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