Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Downtown & USS Razorback

Today didn't happen the way I thought it would.

It was much better.

Yesterday I used my last egg.  I wanted to make a quick run to the Farmers Market this morning but didn't think Mr. Intensity would go for it.  Quickly running through a list of
reasons he would want to go, I remembered that he has wanted to visit the downtown library.

A phone call from a friend, as I backed out of the driveway, told me there were no eggs in North Little Rock.  So I decided to frequent (for the first time in 4 years!) the River Market in Little Rock.  I didn't find eggs, but got a lead for eggs - a few miles out of town, mind you - near the Remington plant.

Just as I'd used all my time in the market, Mr. Intensity spotted this bridge.  Built in 1884, it was converted in 2008 to a pedestrian bridge which now links Little Rock and North Little Rock.

I was curious too so I let him lead the way.  At the top of the bridge, I wasn't so sure.  Driving across a bridge is one thing.  WALKING is another.  I think I could feel it sway. Nonetheless it wasn't long before our eyes beheld this glorious site:

I was committed.  No turning back now.

The long black thing is a WWII submarine, the USS Razorback.  To its left is the Arkansas Queen.  [For the non-Arkansans reading, the Razorback is the mascot for the University of Arkansas.  The boat was not named for a hog but a whale.]

Of secondary note is the yellow trolley across the way.  It is on the "top five list" of things to do next.

On the north shore another glorious site to behold!!  A torpedo!  "Think if I bam it with my fist it will ka-splode?" (He was not in a picture taking mood.)

If you look closely in the below picture, you'll notice two flags flying from the conning tower of the submarine.  The United States sold the submarine to Turkey in 1970 and in 2004 the city of North Little Rock bought it back.
At some point before 2004 the propellers were removed.  I was in awe they were so large at almost three tons each.
To give a bit of perspective:
The submarine was closed today (winter hours are Friday-Sunday) but Mr. Intensity still wanted to practice climbing through the water tight door.
Posted nearby was a sign that said to tour the USS Razorback you have to be able to
 - climb a 14 foot ladder
 - not be claustrophobic
 - go through water tight door (38 inches high by 20 inches wide)
 - be at least 5 years old.

Yay! For the last requirement is fulfilled.  I'm not sure how well I handle claustrophobia.

Next door to the USS Razorback was the Arkansas Queen Riverboat.  There wasn't a lunch cruise sailing today so we were welcomed inside to take a peek.  I was floored when he asked me to take his picture.
By this time we were ready for a cold drink so we walked back across the bridge and ate lunch in the River Market.

We finally found our way to the library soon after.

Then we drove to pick up the farm fresh eggs.  Which very well could be a story all to itself.  I love being in the country, talking to farmers.  This particular man just had all his teeth pulled for dentures (ouch!) and could talk the legs off an octopus.  He owned about 100 chickens and had at least an acre of okra.  (What does one do with so much okra?!)  He gave us some yummy figs from his tree as a parting gift.  I hope to visit again soon.

To get in touch with my agrarian roots I came home and mowed the grass.

It was a really fun day.


Julie said...

you are such a fun mom! JI is so blessed to have you! I have been praying for you guys in regards to your foster program you are exploring to adopt. Let me know if you have time how that is going and how to specifically pray for you all!

John and Pam said...

That really looks like fun!

Evenspor said...

An award for you:



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