Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Mr. Intensity!

I can't believe you're FIVE!  

This has been one of the most fun birthdays to plan.  Not so much because I have planned anything...noooo!  You have been scheming for months.  It has been fun to watch your enthusiasm grow anticipating this momentous occasion.  I must admit, going to three stores trying to decide upon your cake decorations almost drove me insane.  Once you decided it was final.  No turning back.

You are a big boy.

I am so thankful for you, for every ounce of your energy, determination and persistence.  One day you will lead people.  God has given you a natural ability to guide people to do what you want them to do.  Your friends (young and old) want to follow you.  And, I pray that you lead them to the Savior that has changed my life - and that He changes yours too.

You have changed my life.  I used to think of myself as not-so-selfish.  Being a mother has shown me how truly selfish I am.  I wouldn't go back to my non-mother days for all the selfish pleasure in the world.  Those days pale in comparison to how colorful my hours are with you.  Not a day goes by that I want to kiss you all over and almost in the next breath, shake the breath out of you!

I love your imagination.  I suppose it comes with the age but there aren't many children entertained by bungee cords, masking tape, rope and bottle caps quite like you!  

I love that you love to read books.  Daddy and I hope that you carry that love for learning for the rest of your days.  It has been fun to hear you say, "Can I have my reading lesson now?" first thing in the morning!  

The last six-months have been full of change.  Daddy and I weren't sure how you would adapt to our new town.  You have blossomed!  I like who you are becoming, that you're understanding and applying obedience with a cheerful heart.  You can make wise decisions and desire to stay in the circle of blessing. You are an easier child to be around, compared to this time last year.  Much easier.  I am so thankful for that.  Very thankful.

It warms my heart when you randomly bring up the topic of adoption.  Or, when you talk to your friends about their siblings.  Sometimes I see a sad look on your face in these conversations but then you are quick to say, "One day I might have a brother" and in a quieter tone "or a sister."  You would delight in being a big brother. 

You have always been articulate.  Even though you lost a tooth this summer, your speech is clear - except for the occasional mix-up with /s/ and /sh/.  Hardly ever is this embarrassing for us until you say shit instead of sit.  When you say, "Look it!" I smile, knowing you mean, "Look at this."  I'm not sure when you started saying b'member instead of remember, but I like it.  Lastly, for two years you can't seem to b'member to say Colorado instead of Radacado

One day you will no longer tell me a cow's favorite place to go (is to the moooo-vies!).  Not much longer will you grab my hand to cross the street.  Soon you will be embarrassed to sing silly songs with me.

Until then, I promise to cherish these days.  I'm so glad that God picked me to be your momma.


missy said...

wiping away the tears...so precious...your boy and the way you love him...i love how you described how colorful your days are with him. happy birthday ji, i have a feeling it's gonna be a fun one!

Julie said...

I am wiping away tears too. He is so blessed to have you as his mommy!

Steph said...

You made me cry.

Mom and Kiddo said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. Intensity! What a wonderful tribute.

jojoebi said...

Happy Birthday Mr Intensity. I hope you get a years supply of bungee cord and masking tape :o)

I Like the bit...
Not a day goes by that I want to kiss you all over and almost in the next breath, shake the breath out of you!

Ohhh yes, I can so relate to that

John and Pam said...

I had to go get a tissue before I could comment. That was sweet. He is so special! I love you JI!!!

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday! You are so blessed to have such a wonderful mommy!

Aisha said...

Please tell JI that growing up is overrated and he should just keep holding his mama's hand and singing silly songs! God bless being 5.
You brought tears to my eyes, too. But, I'm already all emotional as we're coming up on 7th (!) and 3rd birthdays. These years go WAY too fast!


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