Sunday, October 18, 2009

Arkansas State Fair

Thankfully due to a break in the rain, we went to the State Fair on Friday. Due to some promotion, we got in free (with free parking!) and rode rides for free. Love free.

We saw some "exotic" animals at a petting zoo.

My mom sent him money to spend at the midway.  He was pumped beyond words to get this hammer (as a consolation prize).  Believe it or not, he carried it all day.

Of course we ate some fine fair delectables... on a hay bale, no less.

In the FFA barn he milked a cow,

and probably the highlight was this combine simulator.  He would have stayed in it all day.

There was a flat screen TV inside and buttons to push which Arkansas crop to harvest.  I learned that Arkansas farmers only get $0.14 for the pound of rice in a box of Rice Krispies.  We're the US's largest producer of rice, which explains to me the year-round problem of mosquitoes.

Yep, I caved and he had super sweet (and totally unnatural) carmel corn.  Look at that toothless grin.

The last event of the day (for us) was the Pig Race.  The winner for this race was Hama Montana.  I think Swillery Clinton won the second race.  The prize?  Pig Newtons.  Seriously.

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