Monday, December 7, 2009

Random Thoughts

1.  Note to self: If ever freezing potato water in a glass jar - even with the lid OFF - it will burst if there's not enough room to expand.  (I save the water used to boil potatoes for bread making = tender rolls!)

2. If ever tempted to buy Lunchables, please read this blog post before ever making the purchase.

3.  Not really looking forward to organizing a Christmas family photo. I just had to LOL at this one my sister sent:

She gave me permission to post it; I loved Nolan's expression.  My sister said, "He was mad that we wouldn't buy the $100 popcorn or other non-nutritional garbage."  Nolan is 5, Layla is 3, and Haley is 8 years old.

4.  Loved this necklace Mr. Intensity made at Homeschool Academy.  His class looked so cute wearing them as they waited on the sidewalk for pickup.

5. In his backpack was this sweet ornament:

It's at the top of our tree, next to the Jesus Christ ornament.


Julie said...

I love this post and the ornament... that is fun, I will have to do that with my boys.

I forgot to send you my address...
2213 Creeks Edge Dr
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

for the video game thing you were talking about... in case you forgot :)

zanesmommy said...

Thanks for the idea for next year's ornament! I love it!


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