Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Math Game with Dice & Other Resources

This game is a variation of a game I saw on Itty Bitty Love. We played the simpler version last week; he loved it so I figured he'd love it even more with two dice.

I thought he would stop after a number "won" or made it to the bottom row but he was so excited he played almost to the end. Not enough snake eyes to keep his interest. :)

At the bottom of the column, he wrote the "winner" and circled the number. You'll see that sevens won first place and threes came in second.
Other resources used today -

This video explaining Hanukkah and the Maccabean Revolt.

A map of Egypt, of Africa, and of the world.

We began the discussion on metamorphosis, complete and incomplete, and will get to these resources later in the week.

-Complete metamorphosis: egg to larva, pupa to adult, like the butterfly life cycle - make sure to also print the Can You Find It? pages. Thanks for the free resource, Jojoebi!
-Incomplete metamorphosis [Hubby, the flyfisherman, is most excited about this one] is egg to nymph, straight to adult. Wonderful 4-H website
Quick Reference Guide to Aquatic Invertebrates

Insects with incomplete or gradual metamorphosis; immature forms are nymphs

Dragonfly and
Damsel fly
Belong to the order Odonata.
StoneflyBelongs to the order Plecoptera.
MayflyBelongs to the order Ephemoeroptera.
BugsBelong to the order Hemiptera.
Water boatman, water strider, water scorpion, giant water bug
Not sure who's learning more: me or Mr. Intensity! After all,

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