Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Stormin' Norman Still Missing

The truck is still gone. Good memories remain *sniff*.

You may remember that it was also stolen when we lived in Phoenix - but recovered three days later with only a broken steering column. After it was returned we promptly bought Clubs to use on both vehicles.

It was with great enthusiasm that when we moved to Little Rock, we stopped using the Clubs since we'd never heard of anyone having their vehicle stolen.

My sister cracked me up when she said, "If I were going to prison for Grand Theft Auto, it would be for a faster and much cooler ride." :) Mr. Intensity thinks the 21-year old truck is cool (and so does his daddy.)

I'm thankful this incident hasn't fazed the little guy (or his daddy). They both are so good at rolling with the punches. Yesterday when the officer was at our door writing his report I was fearful that Mr. Intensity would be fearful that the bad guys would come back and break into our house. Today I overheard a conversation he had with a playmate. He said, "Good guys don't steal." Other than that, he hasn't really talked about it or seemed worried. I am thankful.

The Little Rock police officer was hopeful, but of course didn't promise, that the truck would be found. Either way, we are trusting in the Lord's provision. Today I talked with our landlord, just to tell her what happened, and she offered to loan us her extra car. However, John's boss, Bob Lepine beat her to the offer. Bob is going to be out of town for a few days. Maybe when he returns the truck will be returned, too.


Mom and Kiddo said...

Hope they find it!

John and Pam Majors said...

How kind of Bob. We hate it when bad things happen, but you have been able to find some good. It was nice to hear that the landlady also offered her car to you. We are still praying.

Ross and Taya said...

So sorry to hear about this. We'll pray that God continues to provide one way or another.


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