Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekend in Pictures

Friday morning Mr. Intensity and I headed out early for Nashville. We met my sister, her three kids, and my mom at a hotel for a night. They drove from Kentucky. Below is a picture of Mom with the boys in the back of my van and my two nieces. Once united in Tennessee, too early to check in the hotel, we drove together to Opry Mills Mall.
We decided to get dessert at the Aquarium. Fittingly named, the restaurant has huge tanks with LOTS of fish swimming around. Getting dessert was a very kid friendly option. The price was right ($2.50/each for kids) and the adults were quite sure the kids wouldn't eat any of the real food if we went there for dinner. Plus, we didn't have to wait for a table.

If you were to ask Mr. Intensity his favorite part of the weekend, he would say enthusiastically, "SWIMMING!"
Saturday the kids were up at the crack of dawn and thankfully the pool was open then. :) After a few hours of swimming we checked out of the hotel and did the second smartest move all weekend: lunch at 10:45 - no wait for a table. The entertainment for lunch was the Rainforest Cafe. Below you'll see the boys acting like gorillas. They loved the place.
And here is my sister with her daughter, Haley. Lovely camera phone picture, eh?
The real reason for the meet-up weekend was this: BEEF. My dad slaughtered a steer and I desperately wanted some. My saintly sister and generous mother (who paid for the weekend!) met me in Nashville with four coolers of grass fed beef. Yum.
As we were leaving the hotel, my mom handed Mr. Intensity some cash. He was dying to spend it. Today Hubby took him to HomeDepot where he bought this tile and four feet of chain. Next they went to Target where he bought a slinky and replenished his masking tape supply.
He's one super happy camper. See the three tiny tiles missing? He gave them away. Two to store clerks and one to me.

As for Mr. Intensity's great-grandparents and their weekend? They play in a band and frequently go to "the old folks' home" to play music. They will be 88 years young in May, live independently in Indiana, and it just cracks me up that they talk about "going to play for the old folks." Below Grandpa Archie is playing the fiddle and Grandma is playing the mouth harp.

Hope you had a great weekend.


Andy and Kiara said...

What a busy and fun weekend! :)

John said...

Thanks for all the photos and fun info. What a great weekend for you. I loved the pictures of JI and Nolan acting like gorillas. He is such a character.

Julie said...

i love this post I can "see" the fun you had with your family!!!

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

Good times!


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