Friday, April 23, 2010

Nourishing Food

This time of year in Arkansas (or the South? or is it the entire Northern Hemisphere?) is covered with a sheen of lime green pollen. It dawned on me sometime last week that this is the first time that I've not suffered with spring-time allergies.

You won't catch me perpetually reaching for Kleenex or popping antihistamines because my nose isn't running. I'm not Sneezy.


One major diet change that I've made in the last year: raw milk (unpasteurized, straight from the cow). Man, it tastes so good. And is so good for me.

Other things in my kitchen that taste good -

Passionate Homemaking's Soaked Granola Recipe. My friend, HB, tried it first and gave me the courage. Before her insistence, I was afraid of a flop. I've already made the second batch. It's that good.

Slow Cooker Red Beans and Rice. If you use a nitrate-free sausage, this is nourishing and rather inexpensive. If you have homemade chicken broth, substitute it for water. I have another similar recipe that adds a can of tomatoes as well as brown rice. Next week I'm going to combine the two recipes and if it is successful, I'll post it. And you don't have to feel guilty. There's not much sugar and a lot of super-good-for-you coconut oil in there.

This week another friend shared her toddler's healthy alternative for goldfish crackers. (See picture.) It's Yogurt Dough from p485 in Nourishing Traditions. She makes the dough for pizza then with the scraps adds some onion powder and paprika, cuts into Chicklet sized squares and bakes till crispy. They are yummy.

To try: (looks easy-peasy) homemade cultured buttermilk.

Last but not least...

If you're trying to eat more nourishing foods but feel overwhelmed by the cost, you must read this article. Download it and print it. I felt very encouraged after reading.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Julie, My sister directed me to your blog, so I just had to chime six years of chronic hives (except the times I was pregnant in there) went away a year after I started drinking raw milk. They never came back either. I think all those good bacteria have some affect on our inflammatory responses- in a good way.

Suzy (Jen G.'s sister)


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